There are many committees that make up the resources that plan and carry out all the club activities, and we are always looking for members to join in on all the fun.  Take a look at the committees and contact one of the club officers to volunteer your time and talents.

Education Committee – This group plans and organizes the educational meetings in conjunction with the participating vendor.  The current education committee chairs is Lynn Sarosik.

Golf Outing – The golf committee comes together once a year to plan a memorable day of fun out on the links.  There are many jobs to fill in the planning of the outing, or to work the day of the outing.  The current outing chairs is Allen Pyc.

Social Committee – The social committee will plan all the upcoming networking and party events such as the summer party, Oktoberfest, fall round-table, and tradeshow.  Again, planning volunteers are needed as well as individuals willing to work the events.  The current Event Directors are Maria Gojcaj & Andrea Westwater.

Membership Committee – The membership committee is responsible for maintaining current membership contacts as well as work to build on the over 300 plus members the club currently has.  Tom Burland is the current membership committee chair.

Scholarship Committee – This committe will set the guidelines, secure the applications, and make the selections for the annual scholarship money offerred to graphic arts students.